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Berga IP (Eslöv)

Ground: Berga Idrottsplats

Visits: 1

Date: 14th November 2021

Match: Trollenäs - GoF  7-1  (Division 6 Skåne Mellersta)

Attendance: 60

In the early 90s a friend of mine played for Trollenäs IF and I attended quite a few of their matches. Normally Trollenäs play at Trollevallen, situated next to Trollenäs castle in the western outskirts of Eslöv. As is the case with most clubs this season Trollenäs had to move their last two home games to a ground with an artificial pitch though. When I looked for interesting games to attend on Sunday afternoon I noticed the top of table in Division 6 Skåne Mellersta was very tight. Four teams had 29 points and Trollenäs, with a game in hand, were 5th with 28 points. That of course means a win today and they are suddenly top of the table with one round to go. Trollenäs hosted GoF (Gårdstånga/Flyinge) in the penultimate weekend and the match was to be played at Berga IP in Eslöv. In the 90s I actually attended Eslövs BoIS v Trollenäs at the grass pitch at Berga IP but this was to be my first official visit to this ground. The grass pitch is still there but I don´t think it is in use for football anymore (as I understand it the grass pitch is only used by the nearby school.) The artificial pitch at Berga IP is used for practice sessions during the winter months but is also used as a back-up ground for clubs in the lower leagues when their own grass pitches can´t be used. 30 minutes prior to kick-off I parked my car and I was the first spectator to arrive.

In total I counted to around 60 spectators and after only 2 minutes we were all a bit shocked as the visitors, with nothing to play for, took the lead. Trollenäs soon equalized and at half-time it was deservedly 3-1 on the score-board. It was a grey and cloudy afternoon in Eslöv and it was getting quite cold in the 2nd half. On the pitch it was by now a heavily domination by Trollenäs and in the end the final score was 7-1. The final round in the lower leagues in Skåne will be played next weekend and I will be surprised if Trollenäs aren´t promoted as champions.


Berga IP




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