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Gamla Ullevi

Ground: Gamla Ullevi (old)

Visits: 1

Date: 3rd August 2006

Match: Örgryte - Hammarby  1-3 (Allsvenskan)

Attendance: 4 271


Record attendance: 32 357 (Örgryte - Elfsborg 2nd May 1957)

Architect: Karl M. Bengtsson

Last match: IFK Göteborg - Halmstad (5th November 2006)


Pictures from the new Gamla Ullevi can be found at the Örgryte page.


Gamla Ullevi was built during 1915/16 and the ground was officially opened 17th September 1916. The stadium was used by several Gothenburg clubs until 1958 when its neighbour Nya Ullevi was ready to host the 1958 World Cup. After the World Cup Gamla Ullevi was mainly used by clubs in the lower divisions but as attendances at Nya Ullevi dropped the Alliance clubs (GAIS, IFK Göteborg and Örgryte) decided to return the smaller but charmier Gamla Ullevi. The ground was renovated and in 1992 Allsvenskan matches were once again played here. The capacity was 18,000 (4,000 seats) and the ground was used until November 2006 when it was knocked down to make its way for a new and more modern stadium.


gamla ullevi

Entrance to the terracing


baksidan av sittplatsläktaren

Rear of the main stand


gamla ullevi2

Rear of the main stand


norra ståplats

North End


östra ståplats

East Stand


södra ståplats

South Stand



Main stand


hörna hif

View of play


östra ståplats2

East Stand



Hammarby fans


panorama, gamla ullevi


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