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Ground: Alfheim Stadion

Visits: 1

Date: 19th July 2010

Match: Tromsø - Lillestrøm  0-0  (Tippeligaen)

Attendance: 4 394


Alfheim Stadion in Tromsø is the most northern top division ground in the world and as I had enough bonus points for a free trip inside Scandinavia the choice was quite easy. Tromsø, 400 km north of the Arctic Circle, experience Midnight Sun between 18 May and 25 July every year. Between 11 November and 15 January there is a Polar Night (24 h darkness) in Tromsø. Fascinating facts if you ask me. The average temperature for July is 12 °C but when I arrived on Saturday evening it was almost 20 °C. The receptionist at my hotel told me to cross the bridge to Tromsdalen and go by by cable-car to Fjellheisen viewing point. "We don't have this nice weather too often". As you can see in some of the pictures below I had a stunning view of Tromsø and the surrounding areas up there. After a very expensive dinner I then had a good night's sleep before heading to Bodø on Sunday morning. I watched Bodø/Glimt vs Tromsdalen on Sunday evening before returning to Tromsø on Monday morning.


Unfortunately the weather was much worse when I returned to Tromsø compared to two days ago. A cloudy sky with rain throughout the day and only around 12 °C. I spent the afternoon in Polaria with its seals and other arctic animals before walking the very steep slope up to Alfheim Stadion. As it rained quite heavily during my walk I was in hurry to buy my ticket and find my covered seat. There are two proper stands at Alfheim Stadion with in total 5 500 seats. The north end of the ground is open (but full with advertising boards) and to the south there is a small uncovered wooden terrace with a capacity of around 1 500. A small part of this stand is given to visiting supporters. Lillestrøm brought around 75 fans to Tromsø and apart from watching a 0-0 draw they also had the fortune to stand 90 minutes in the rain. I guess every proper Norwegian football fan at least once have to make the long trip to Tromsø though. As I said the match finished goalless. Both teams had their chances to score but either a good save or a bad finishing kep the ball out of the net. There was one winner tonight though, ME. Before the game they zoomed in someone in the stands who then appeared on the giant screen. A quiz question was asked and three letters appeared on the screen (around the head of the person who was zoomed in) Point left for A, up for B or right for C. The first person pointed at the wrong letter. A new person was then zoomed in. That was me and with some help from my seat neighbours I answered correctly. My prize was a Tromsø scarf. What can I say, incredible!

This had indeed been a fascinating weekend and I regard this as one of my best ever trips.


tromsö, vy4

View of Tromsø


tromsö vy2

View of Tromsø


tromsö, vy1

View of Tromsø



Arctic Cathedral



Arctic Cathedral


alfheim stadion

Spot the ground!


alfheim stadion2

Alfheim Stadion


north end

North End


east stand

East Stand


south end

South End


west stand

West Stand



Tromsø fan



Tromsø fans



View of play





east stand2

East Stand



Lillestrøm fans


west stand2

West Stand


alfheim stadion, vy

View of Alfheim Stadion


pano, alfheim stadion