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IFK Göteborg

Ground: Gamla Ullevi (new)

Visits: 3 (1 for an IFK Göteborg match)

Date: 20th September 2009

Match: IFK Göteborg - Hammarby  2-0  (Allsvenskan)

Attendance: 13 785


After playing the 2007 and 2008 seasons at nearby Ullevi IFK Göteborg have returned to Gamla Ullevi. The old ground was demolished in January 2007 but after two years of construction works the new ground was ready in December 2008 and was given the same name as its predecessor, Gamla Ullevi. This can actually be a bit confusing as Gamla is the Swedish word for Old. For domestic matches the capacity will be 18,800 (for international matches 16,900).


Pictures from the old Gamla Ullevi (before the rebuilding started) can be found at Gamla Ullevi 

Pictures from Ullevi can be found at Ullevi


west stand, rear

Rear of the West Stand


norteast corner, rear

Rear of the Northeast corner



Badge´s of the three Alliance clubs


gamla ullevi

Gamla Ullevi


gunnar gren, staty

Statue of Gunnar Gren


hammarbyfans, outside

Hammarby fans waiting to enter Gamla Ullevi


north stand

North Stand


east stand

East Stand


south stand

South Stand


west stand

West Stand


north stand2

North Stand


ifk fans

IFK fans



View of play


east stand2

East Stand






View of play


south stand2

South Stand



Hammarby fans


pano, gamla ullevi



pano, gamla ullevi2a